Children’s Corner Preschool & Kindergarten in Van Nuys

Children’s Corner is dedicated to helping Kindergarteners and Preschoolers develop
intellectually, emotionally, creatively, socially, and physically. 

A unique, progressive school where health, individuality, and sensory engagement
are at the heart of child development.

Our developmentally focused, play/exploration model combined with a LAUSD and CCRC*
approved curriculum to help your child learn, play, and grow. Our kindergarten program is aligned with California Common Core State Standards, as well.

“When my child graduated and went on to public school first grade she was the best reader in her class. We owe it all to Children’s Corner!”
- Elizabeth Romero

“The entire staff is really friendly and really knows how to handle kids. My daughter always has stories about the fun creative thing they did at school. She gets great fresh meals (often will eat stuff at school that she will not eat with me at home the cooking is so good). The best part is that I feel my daughter is really learning important things in a fun environment.” – Joe Dunavan

“My son is learning a great deal due to this school and I am blessed to be able to take him there.” – Jose Aguirre

“The school itself looks like a small house from outside but when you go inside it opens up to a huge place with different rooms for learning. Plus the backyard is great size for outdoor activities!” – Lynnette Rodriguez